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Proactively demonstrate how you can protect your team and the environment by using the world's best practice sound and air quality monitoring tools, analytics and reporting.

Automate the monitoring of your environment, to help you and your people work better.

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We provide automated monitoring equipment and online analytics that make environmental compliance easier. Get the solution you need by partnering with an instrumentation provider that understands your business needs and the technical details too.

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Environmental monitoring, simplified

Why work with us?

Your monitoring equipment can be central to your project, so we want to make sure that you get reliable measurements with the minimum amount of time and effort.

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Automated systems

Just power up and measure. Automated data capture means you collect all the data you need without the effort.

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Regulatory compliance

High quality instrumentation designed and tested to the standards you need to meet on your monitoring jobs.

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User-friendly tools

The Sonitus Cloud online tools are designed to turn your data into the information you need. Get insights at a glance.

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Expert knowledge

Our team have assisted on thousands of projects all over the world. If you need some know-how to get your project going, just ask.

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Global network

We work with an international network of high class distributors so that you can get local service when you need it.

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Ongoing support

We don't just ship and forget. Our team of engineers are here to support you to help keep your projects running smoothly.

Case studies

Our customers trust us to help with their key projects

Our equipment has been chosen by some of the best companies in the world to help them manage their environmental monitoring. Take a look at some examples to see what we do.

What we do

Automated monitors and online reporting

Our monitoring equipment is designed to make environmental compliance easier. Our automated measurement systems combine ease of use with rugged design.

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