Ambient air quality monitoring

protect your community with real time data

Lead the way on environmental compliance with a particulate monitoring system that enables you to measure, analyse and report your ambient air quality.

exceed your environmental goals

Protect your community using data you can trust

Respirable dust emissions pose a threat to the well-being of our communities and can cause serious harm to the reputation of industrial producers.

Our ambient particulate monitoring system can empower your team to proactively manage dust emissions with continuous, reliable data.

Automate your ambient air quality monitoring efforts and demonstrate your commitment to excellence in industrial hygiene.

compliance without the hassle

Simplified compliance reporting

Our ambient air quality monitors and online reporting platform can automate your environmental compliance checks. Receive automatic compliance reports online or straight to your inbox.

You can use our community engagement tools to share your compliance results online with user-friendly websites and educational material. Engage your external stakeholders or share your environmental performance with your staff.

Put your team in control of their ESG goals and enable your people to make better decisions with instrumentation you can trust.

Full data capture

Continuous monitoring to show compliance, analyse trends, measure initiatives and generate reports.

Portable or permanent

Install as a permanent station at boundaries or use a portable battery pack for independent power at complaint sites.

Automated reporting

Save time on data analysis and compliance checks, simply set up your project details once and reporting is done automatically.

Share with partners

Manage stakeholders with our online tools. Share detailed reports with colleagues or share an overview with local residents.

AUtomate your Dust monitoring

Air quality monitors for industrial hygiene

Measure and manage your ambient air quality with our rugged particulate monitors.

Dust monitoring for any site

Real time dust measurement for tracking, reporting and controlling particulates at your boundary. Continuous air quality monitoring to help you understand your impact.

Dust and noise in one device

Manage all your site emissions with one boundary monitoring station. Combine noise and dust monitoring into a single unit.

Online reporting software

User-friendly, automated reporting to prove compliance. The Sonitus Cloud is designed to put you in control of your emissions and reporting.