Boundary noise monitoring

harmonise your site activies with your esg goals

Enable your team to proactively manage noise from your operations. Get the intelligence to make better decisions with our industry leading boundary noise monitoring system.

Automatic audit trail

Demonstrate compliance with your noise limits

Reliable boundary noise monitoring is critical for understanding the impact your operations have on the local environment.

Our sound level monitoring stations provide continuous measurements and analysis that let you assess compliance with your environmental noise limits.

Talk to us to get the systems you need to monitor emissions and the tools to communicate effectively with your stakeholders.

sound source analysis

Understand your noise sources

Continuous noise monitoring provides insights into how your operations impact your neighbours and your team.

Our analytics can provide you with accurate data to see boundary noise levels, long term trends and compliance with limit levels.

Get your compliance reports straight to your inbox with our automated reporting tools, saving you time and effort.

For deeper insights, our artificial intelligence tools can automatically identify noise sources to help you understand when you need to act.

Full data capture

Continuous monitoring to show compliance, analyse trends, measure initiatives and generate reports.

Portable or permanent

Install as a permanent station at boundaries or use a portable battery pack for independent power at complaint sites.

Automated reporting

Save time on data analysis and compliance checks, simply set up your project details once and reporting is done automatically.

Share with partners

Manage stakeholders with our online tools. Share detailed reports with colleagues or share an overview with local residents.

Measure and manage

Quantify the benefits of your noise mitigation

Best-in-class companies take steps to minimize their noise impact on their people and the community.

We can help make your noise management more effective by accurately monitoring long term sound levels. Our measurement systems can quantify the benefits of your noise control schemes to help you meet your environmental goals.

Then share that information with your team, management and the local community through our online reporting tools.


Boundary noise monitoring systems

Environmental monitoring systems for boundary noise control.

Class 1 Sound Level Monitor

Automate your noise monitoring to save time and money with our EM2030 Sound Level Monitor. Capture the data you need without the effort and control noise levels with online alerts.

Noise and dust in one monitor

Manage all your site emissions with one boundary monitoring station. Combine noise and dust monitoring into a single unit to easily monitoring compliance with environmental limits.

Indoor monitors to protect your team

Monitor indoor sound levels for  noise exposure and to understand noise impact. Our Sonisens monitor can integrate into your building systems.

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