Construction noise monitoring

control your site emissions

Protect your people and the environment by monitoring noise during construction. We can help you prove compliance and engage project stakeholders with automated monitoring tools.


Online noise monitoring

Measure, analyse and control noise emissions with our automated sound level monitors.

Rugged instrumentation and fully automated operation mean that you can get on with the project and let us take care of the noise measurements.

Simply power on our sound level monitor and measurement, communications, alerts and report generation are automatic.

Manage all your noise monitoring tasks remotely from any device and use our flexible online platform to reduce the time and effort needed to check compliance with construction noise limits.

ACTIVE Projects

With some of the world's leading companies in construction and tech.


And growing each month as new partners join the Sonitus Cloud.

The proof

World class companies trust us

Take a look at how our customers have used our systems to protect their local environment on their key projects.

Gotham City Noise, London

Our noise monitors were used to control site emissions on one of the premier construction projects in central London. Read how our partners managed their environmental impact.

Light rail construction noise

When the LUAS light rail system was extended through Dublin city centre, Sonitus Systems' noise monitors were chosen to help control construction noise emissions.

Noise management in Iceland

Our equipment is designed to operate in the toughest environments. Our Icelandic customers, Istak, were able to put the system to the test on a demanding infrastructure project.

Insights to your inbox

Noise reporting simplified

Automatic compliance reports straight to your inbox.

Our noise monitoring equipment and Sonitus Cloud platform are built to make your job easier. We take the complexity out of noise measurement and reporting by helping you to automate each step of the process.

Focus on your projects

Automate noise compliance

We understand the requirements for checking and reporting compliance with construction noise limits. They can be complicated.

That is why Sonitus Systems have developed a system that provides a simple solution for consultants, contractors and local authorities.

Our sound level monitoring system allows users to deploy a fully managed noise monitoring service. Automatic measurement and upload, online reports and limit level alerts mean compliance checks are done without any effort.

You can focus on delivering projects to your clients while our sound level monitors ensure that construction noise is managed.

AUtomate your noise monitoring

Robust outdoor noise monitors for construction

The right tool for the right job. Manage your construction noise with our Class 1 sound level monitors and online reporting tools.

Class 1 Sound Level Monitor

Automate your noise monitoring to save time and money with our EM2030 Sound Level Monitor.

Noise and dust in one monitor

Manage all your site emissions with one boundary monitoring station. Combine noise and dust monitoring into a single unit.

Online reporting software

User-friendly, automated reporting to prove compliance. The Sonitus Cloud is designed to put you in control of your site emissions.

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