The project

For the location, between the Spuiplein, Turfmarkt and the Schedeldoekshaven, a beautiful plan was developed for a new educational and cultural complex. Early summer 2017 the site was cleared and the demolition was completed to start the construction of the OCC (Onderwijs- en cultuurcomplex) which began in June 2017.

The OCC is a building for culture and education. The complex will consist of a theatre with 1,300 seats, a concert hall (1,500 seats), an ensemble hall (600 seats) and a rehearsal hall (200 seats) when completed. It will house the Residential Orchestra with a rehearsal room and the Dutch dance theatre. The conservatory will consist of various music and dance studios and a school for young talent. Public spaces will be located at the bottom of the OCC, including a 'city canteen' where the public can drink a cup of coffee.

The iconic columns of the OCC, which resemble giant tuning forks, are already standing, including the last large trusses. The roof of the concert hall is supported by four beams of 45,000 kilograms each.

The OCC will have a high degree of sustainability, reports the building consortium. For example, recycled concrete is used, there will be four thousand square meters of solar panels on the roof and the ground will be used as a heat and cold source to regulate the temperature in the building.

The OCC under construction

Our parter

Jantril Monitoring Systems offers top class noise and air quality monitors in The Netherlands and surrounding geographical areas. They have an experienced team of experts which will take care of the full monitoring of any project with environmental impact such as piling, sheet piling, construction or demolition.

'With Sonitus Systems just across the pond we have seen excellent and quick service with relaiable equipment. Their plug & play automated sound level meters deliver exactly what our clients expect from us. The user friendly online cloud interface helps our clients understand, analyse and securely store their data.'

Bendert Schelfhout, CEO and Owner of Jantril BV

A rendering of the finished project

The solution

Jantril's client, bbci Frijwijk, needed to manage their noise emissions during the construction phase of this long term project.

To avoid noise complaints their acoustic emissions have been made visible to all stakeholder and compared with environmental limits using our EM2030 automated sound level meters on a key positions around the perimeter. The information recorded by the monitor gives the client a live impression of the situation and they are notified in time when legal limits have been exceeded.

The client on site does therefore not require any acoustic knowledge and will only have to take action when they receive a message on their mobile device. Noise complains can also be easily examined as all historic data, including audio clips are available for further online analysis. This will save the site manager time and avoids delays on site as they can fully focus on the process of their construction work.

The Sonitus Cloud interface is designed to present the right information to the right people, when they need it. The project manager can decide who can view the measured data via simple user management tools.

More information

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